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Fin, Feather, Fur is near and dear to our heart! It is a local northeast Ohio company with 6 locations.  They have the best fishing, hunting, and camping equipment. Check out their online store or visit a location near you. 


Bait & Tackle

The Pipe Rack has been in business since September 28, 1968 that started as a tobacconist and now includes fishing items! The Pipe Rack is the place to purchase fishing gear, tackle, live bait, pipes and cigars in Akron, OH. Click the link to learn more.


Pond Maintenance

Pond Wiser, Inc is an expert in water garden, pond, or lake ailments. Pond Wiser is licensed and certified through the Ohio Department of Agriculture and is a leader in the aquatic industry when it comes to diagnosing your water hole. Check them out at 


Fish Hatcheries

If you are in the market to stock your pond, Fender’s Fish Hatchery can fill your needs. They are a top producer of fish stocking in the Mid-West. Check them out at