Pond Owner FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

      We are an online marketplace that connects pond owners to people that want to fish privately and that are seeking new experiences. FishMySpot covers all of the marketing, booking, and general liability insurance policy for our pond owners.

  • Pond Owners help us grow the fishing community by providing local access for youth, parents, grandparents, and frequent anglers.
  • You get paid every time your pond is fished.
  • You have complete control regarding your pond. You dictate all the days, times, catch/keep, catch/release, amenities, etc..
  • We cover the scheduling, notifications, payment processing, liability insurance policy (up to $1 MIL) and provide you a monthly paycheck for the use of your pond!
  • You have the potential to earn tax benefits. (You earn tax benefits based on the percentage of times your pond is fished throughout a year.)
  • Reduce the fishing stress of public waters! Public lakes are overfished.
  • YOU provide a lifetime of memories for families who want to fish locally, and that is priceless!

Our mission is to connect families with unique fishing experiences, the community and each other. Our goal is to provide private ponds/lakes for parents, grandparents, the frequent fisherman, and most importantly, to get kids outside and enjoy nature.


Also, public lakes are over-fished, crowded and hard to access. By sharing your spot, you provide local access to your community to fish. It is convenient for parents and less stressful than taking children to a public lake.

Pond owners earn 70% of each reservation; 80% if additional amenities are added (i.e. boat/canoe/kayak/ pond prowler, pavilion with a grill, access to a restroom, etc.).

A. Complete the form on our website https://fishmyspot.com/list-my-spot/ (The entire form is about 8 different prompts.)

       i. Agree to License Agreement (electronically by checking box)

       ii. Agree to Terms and Conditions (Cancellation/Weather Policy)

       iii. Agree to Angler Terms and Conditions (List of rules anglers must abide by prior to a reservation)

B. Submit Form

C. Business Development Manager or CEO will follow-up with you to provide yard signage, take additional photos if necessary, verify pricing and availability of day/time they selected.

D. Pond owner is added to insurance policy.

E. FishMySpot contacts pond owner to inform them they were added to insurance policy and their pond is live on our website for reservations.

Our booking website e-mails pond owners the date/time of the reservation with the contact information of the angler that booked, including name, phone number, e-mail and number in the party.

FishMySpot sends checks monthly to pond owners. As we grow, we will implement electronic payments.

As the pond owner, you dictate the date, time, catch-and-release or catch-and-keep. If you do not want fish to be removed, that is to your discretion and we will place that in the Service Agreement and on our booking website. However, we encourage you to consider allowing one day a week for catch-and-keep so that you are harvesting your larger fish.  And if you do allow catch-and-keep, we can charge customers a few extra dollars for the reservation since they are permitted to keep the fish.

In 2020, we had over 650 men, women and children fish on our marketplace and had zero complaints from our pond owners. Our customers are respectful and since they are paying customers, they are more apt to taking care of the property better than someone fishing for free. FishMySpot will not come to clean a trashed pond. We will charge a $50 cleanup fee to any angler that trashes a pond and will exempt them and the guests from our network so they cannot fish with our company again.