Fishing Facts for FisherPeople

The construct of FishMySpot started in 2018, after 3 friends reminisced of their childhood days and the love they have of being outdoors. The founders loved everything outdoors, but mostly fishing! As they laughed about trespassing on their neighbors property, and frequently getting kicked off, they thought “what if we create a company that asks permission” for anglers like us. In conjunction with our lives being taken over by technology and increasingly disconnected to every day life, we knew we had to offer an opportunity for people to unplug, unwind and enjoy the outdoors while being close to home. Thus, the start of FishMySpot. FishMySpot is a


marketplace where pond owners can list their lake or pond, anglers sign up (for a small fee) to have a private experience at an under-fished pond. Our pond owners earn a discretionary income, anglers gain new fishing experiences, especially our youth, and we provide an opportunity for parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles to get outside with their littles without fighting the crowd at a public lake.



*Little angler fishing at our pond in Navarre.


Below are a few fishing.


-1 in 2 anglers fish on a yearly basis. ~

-Fishing is the 2nd most popular outdoor hobby in the U.S…**

-80% of fishing trips include more than 1 person.

-85% of adults fished as children.*

-40,000+ private ponds in Ohio that you could potentially fish.***



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**2016 statistics provided by The Statistics Portal



***40,000 private ponds that have the potential to earn additional income and write off property taxes. If you know of any private pond owners, send them to

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