Pond Owner Additional Resources

Are you a pond owner looking for assistance with maintaining your pond or lake? Or would you like to learn more on how to harvest a healthier eco-system? We have teamed up with the companies below.

Native Property Care Dennison, Ohio

Alec Hillyer, owner and operator of Native Property Care, provides pond owners a one of a kind experience by helping land owners maintain all aspects of their lake/pond and land.

Native Property Care Offers:

  • Creation of a management plan, specific to the pond owner’s goals and body(s) of water. 
  • Provide pond owners and land managers the insights they need to achieve their goals.
  • Gain a better understanding, appreciation, and plan for your aquatic ecosystem, specifically in nutrient mitigation, beneficial plantings, fish stocking, fisheries management plan, algae/HAB sampling, habitat assessment, aeration sales and installation.

Click here for additional details regarding the process and pricing.

Alec Hillyer Profile Picture
Alec Hillyer, Owner of Native Property Care and Avid Fisherman

Pond Wiser, Inc. North Canton, OH

Pond Wiser, Inc is an expert in water garden, pond/ lake ailments and landscape. Pond Wiser is licensed and certified through the Ohio Department of Agriculture and is a leader in the aquatic industry when it comes to diagnosing your water hole. For additional information, contact Kathy and Denny Ray at http://pondwiser.com.