Share Your Pond


Get Paid for Your Pond

Turn your land into an income producing resource. It’s free to share, and you’ll receive payment for each reservation.


In Control

Manage your pricing and availability. Want to do catch and release only? No problem!


You Are Covered

We’ve got you covered with an exclusive $1M liability insurance. Plus, our team is here to help every step of the way. Click here for additional information on safety.


Healthy Fish

FishMySpot allows the pond owner to choose catch-and-release or catch-and-keep. You can build in rest days before and after a reservation for convenience. 


Sharing Your Pond = Larger Fish

If your pond or stream is not fished enough, you will run into the common problem of ‘too’ many fish that are growth stunted and need to be harvested. It is important to maintain a balance- if you want bigger fish, you have to harvest smaller fish.

If you want your pond full of larger fish, having a catch-and-keep guideline below a certain size will help to keep larger fish in the lake. Thus, you get the added benefit of larger fish, a continued revenue stream, and an enjoyable fishing experience for the angler.

"The family that came to fish yesterday was adorable! I loved seeing the excitement of the little boy when he caught a large mouth bass! Made my day. I’m loving this!"
Patty C.
Pond Owner

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