Spring Lure Selection

With the vast selection and availability of fishing lures in todays market it’s easy to get


overwhelmed when deciding what to use. Warming water temperatures of spring boost both fish metabolism and aggression, giving anglers better chances of success. As the spawn approaches for largemouth bass, they are eating heavily to recoup from the winter, prepare for a successful spawn and also acting to protect their nests and future fry. Choosing a lure that imitates both forage and predators of their nests is a great choice. Salamanders, small turtles, crawfish, minnow species and panfish (basically anything small enough to consume a microscopic fish egg) are all opportunistic nest raiders, eager to eat eggs of any species given the opportunity.

Soft plastic salamander imitations are one of my favorite spring pond lures as they can be rigged weed-less, fished slow (no weight) or faster (weighted hook) to produce results in a variety of different conditions. Blade baits such as spinners and chatterbaits are also great options as they mimic fleeing baitfish and can trigger strikes from reaction alone. Lures that create a lot of disturbance/water displacement are ideal in murky waters and more “realistic”, subtle baits can excel in clear water. As largemouth bass begin to make nests or “beds”, it’s a sure sign that topwater lures are a viable choice. Utilizing warmer, shallow water to construct nests and finish egg development, bass will now have the energy and motivation to take topwater presentations. What is your favorite lure? Drop us a line!


A note about the author.

Alec Hillyer is a fishing and outdoor enthusiast! He has extensive knowledge in aquatic biology and earned his Bachelor of Arts in zoo and wildlife biology from Malone University in Canton, Ohio. When not fishing or hunting, he spends his time as a manager at Fender’s Fish Hatchery and is a private lake consultant. He worked for AquaDoc as an Aquatics Biologist and is USDA certified in applying pesticides.



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