Taking Stock of Your Pond

Are you maximizing your ponds potential?  Is your pond stocked correctly? 

Are your fish happy?  Like many things in life pond management can seem overwhelming, but it does not have to be.  One of our goals at FishMySpot is helping ponds owners access the full potential of their pond while sharing the experience with others.  Your pond can provide a vast array of uses, including: fishing, wildlife habitat & viewing, swimming, agricultural, aesthetics and income.  Properly managed, ponds are a valuable natural resource.  

Pond In Baltic, OH

FishMySpot recommends the following Quick Tips.

1. Optimizing your pond resources?  Regardless of your pond’s current use (i.e. recreational, fishing, wildlife viewing, agricultural or simple aesthetics), take a moment to think about how you can further maximize your pond potential and share your resource with others.  FishMySpot can help you share your pond with others while generating untapped revenue.  With everything our world is going through, sharing private fishing experiences is certainly a step in the right direction.  

2. Are your stocks in order? Properly stocking your pond can be intimidating but it doesn’t have to be.  Simple rule of thumb, your pond should be stocked with three species of prey fish (i.e. perch, bluegill, minnows, etc.) for every one predator fish (i.e. bass).  The strategy will help ensure a healthy balance of prey and predator while affording prey fish a chance to also mature and provide a variety of fishing opportunities.  Pond size, structure and resident fish species also play an important factor in determining stocking numbers.  Reach out to our friends at Fender Hatchery for further expert advice and all your stocking needs.

3. What are happy fish?  Several factors make happy fish, three of the most important are proper habitat/structure, food source and vegetation control.  Achieving a proper balance will help ensure a healthy pond and incredible outdoor experiences for all to enjoy.  Our friends at Pond Wiser Inc. and Fenders Fish Hatchery are the industry

Happy Fish = Happy Angler

leaders in NE Ohio and can provide all the expert advice you need to make happy fish.

Whether you are thinking about constructing a pond, or a seasoned pond owner, there are easy and affordable ways to make it a special spot for all to enjoy.

Below are a few pond management resources.

– Our Friends at Pond Wiser Inc. are licensed and certified through the Ohio Department of Agriculture and provide aquatic control management services. http://pondwiser.com/

– Our Friends at Fenders Fish Hatchery are the authority and can fill all your fish stocking needs. http://fendersfishhatchery.com/

– Ohio Department Natural Resources – Pond Management Handbook describes everything from pond construction, maintenance, stocking and trouble shooting.  https://ohiodnr.gov/wps/portal/gov/odnr/discover-and-learn/safety-conservation/stewardship-citizen-science/pond-management

– County Soil & Water Conservation District (SWCD) staff can provide free site assessments and recommendations for pond construction.

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