Why Fish? The Perks and Benefits of Fishing

Last year alone more than 3 million people tried fishing for the first time. With this past year being a crazy part of everyone’s life, we were all looking for an excuse to get outside in some way, shape, or form. Fishing is a great opportunity to spend some time outdoors and relax.

 Whether you are an avid angler, amateur, or planning your first fishing trip, you’ve most likely wondered “Why do people go fishing?” at some point in time. If you’re wondering for yourself or trying to convince your friends and family to join you, we can help you out! Here are just a few perks and benefits of fishing: 

  1. Fishing is good for your health. 

Whether we think about it or not, reeling in a fish is a good workout. Even those small bluegill get blood flowing, let alone reeling in those huge bass, pike, or carp. It engages some of your main muscle groups, such as those in your core, legs, arms, and back. It also is a good way to get in some moderately light exercise when walking around a pond or lake and getting fresh air flowing to your lungs. 

  1. Fishing reduces stress. 

Ask anyone who fishes why they enjoy fishing. I can almost guarantee you’ll hear the words “stress relief” or “freedom” somewhere in their answer. Everyone we know is stressed to some degree. Fishing offers a low cost opportunity to get out of our routine and spend some time away from our high-pressure stress-filled lives. Better yet, there isn’t any feeling quite like the ‘calm’ that we experience when we spend time immersed in nature. 

  1. Fishing helps conservation efforts.

A portion of each purchase of a fishing license and sometimes even fishing gear can further secure a future with good fish habitat, water quality, and better opportunities for generations of anglers to come. We can see examples of this all around us: fishing derbys, education centers, fisheries and ecosystem management, and scientific research. The Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership states that “up to $1.1 billion annually goes into the future of fishing in America.” When we go fishing, we can feel at peace knowing we’re helping to conserve the very thing we go out to enjoy. 

  1. Fishing makes for great social-bonding experiences. 

Fishing is a great way to connect with those around you, especially family and friends. Many people can vividly remember their first experience of fishing and being taught by their parents, grandparents, or friends. Fishing is a skill that can be learned and appreciated at virtually any age. The thrill and excitement of catching fish can really bring people together and promote a mutual respect of our natural resources. Sharing our experiences and passion for fishing with each other creates lifelong bonds and opportunities for new friendships too. 

Boy angler fishing at our pond in Clinton, Ohio. (2021)

Brady Stevens is a senior undergraduate student at Malone University studying Biology. He also runs cross country and track for the Pioneers. As he works towards his Bachelor’s Degree, Brady has a job with Bass Pro Shops as a fishing outfitter. He loves to fish in just about any body of water he can find where there might be fish. Brady’s favorite place to fish is the Maumee River in his hometown of Toledo, Ohio. Further questions? Email Brady at bstevens1@malone.edu and follow his fishing page on instagram @no.bs.fishing. 

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