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Fish Your Own Private Pond Or Lake And Get Hooked!



You will have exclusive access to the fishing spot you reserved. Stop fighting the crowds or driving far from home and start catching large fish (and lots of them).



Private fishing spots are maintained, fish are plentiful to catch, and the location is convenient. This makes for a perfect occasion to create new memories.



When you book a fishing spot, we make it easy to find what you need. We have you covered, whether you are looking for a particular type of fish, renting a boat, or looking to camp overnight. Our fishing spots have an array of private amenities.

Why Use FishMySpot?

Why Fish From FishMySpot’s Marketplace? Our offerings of private ponds and lakes are under fished, secluded, private, and make for a great experience for the family or avid fisherman/woman who enjoy the thrill of fishing at new water holes. Specifically, parents can teach their children to fish without the hassle of crowds and long drive to public lakes. Plus, children are more likely to catch fish frequently at under-fished ponds and lakes than going to a public lake. And if kids catch fish, they will beg to return.

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Find out how much you can make listing your spot

We provide private ponds/lakes for parents, grandparents, the frequent fisherman, and most importantly, to get kids outside and enjoy nature. Public lakes are over-fished, crowded and hard to access. By sharing your spot, you provide local access to your community to fish. Join our community of pond owner!

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