Fish My Spot

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What is the purpose of FishMySpot?

Our mission is to connect families with unique fishing experiences, the community, and each other. One of our many passions is getting our youth outside, engaged with the outdoors and learn to appreciate nature. Additionally, we are geared to the enthusiastic angler that enjoys fishing at various water holes.

Why use FishMySpot's online marketplace?

Our offerings of private ponds and lakes are under fished, secluded, private, and make for a great experience for the family or avid fisherman/woman. Specifically, parents can teach their children to fish without the hassle of crowds and drive to public lakes. Children are more likely to catch fish frequently at an under-fished pond than going to a public lake. And if kids catch fish, they will want to continue to fish!

Our marketplace is also great for the passionate angler. Frequent fishermen and fisherwomen enjoy the thrill of fishing at new water holes.

Why would I pay to fish at a private spot?

Private ponds are quiet, peaceful and under-fished. Friends and family reserve the entire pond/lake for a designated time and have the entire space to yourself. Plus, when you stay close to home, cost of travel decrease and your funds stay in your local community.

How much will it cost to go fishing?

Pricing of our ponds are based upon a number of factors, such as, the size of the pond/lake, the variety of fish, catch/keep, catch/release, availability of the pond, and finally the pond owner's requirements.

How does FishMySpot work?

  1. Search for a spot near you
  2. Check for availability with the day/time that is convenient for you. *Please note, not all of our ponds are open every day of the week or during all times.
  3. Select the pond and day/time.
  4. Login to your FishMySpot account. (If you need to create one, it is super easy! Follow the prompts for new account.)
  5. Enter the number of anglers, any add-on amenities.
  6. Agree with our Terms Of Use, Weather and Cancellation policies.
  7. Click reserve.
  8. Enter payment information.
  9. A booking confirmation e-mail will be sent to you and the pond owner with the address and details of where to park.

Why can't I see the address of a pond prior to booking?

To respect the privacy of our pond owners, we do not release the address until a reservation has been scheduled.

What does the reservation fee cover?

When you book with FishMySpot, the reservation fee covers up to 4 adults to fish, over the age of 16. Children are included with the reservation fee and must be accompanied by an adult. Adding an additional angler is easy. Click add angler on the right hand side during the checkout process.

Can I keep all the fish I catch?

A majority of our ponds are catch and release. We do have a few ponds that are catch/keep with restrictions. Please be sure to review the site prior to reserving a spot.