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Your Advocate for Private Water Fishing

As a pond owner, you possess a valuable asset that has the potential to create unforgettable angling experiences for enthusiasts while also generating additional income for you.

At Fishmyspot, we recognize the significance of trust and dependability when it comes to renting out your pond or lake for recreational fishing. That's why we are committed to serving as your reliable ally every step of the way.

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Get Paid

Earn money each time your pond is fished! During the listing process, we suggest rental rates. As the pond owner, you set your own rental rates based on your knowledge of the pond and community. Pond owners earn 80% of each transaction and potential tax benefits.

Reduce Your Risk

We prioritize safety for pond owners. We provide $1M general liability insurance coverage. Adding your property to the policy is immediate. Anglers agree to terms and conditions before stepping foot on your property. Additionally, non-compliance from our community of anglers leads to ban from our website.

You Are Always In Control

You have full control over sharing your pond. When you list your pond or lake with FishMySpot, you choose availability, rest days, fishing rules, and can enhance the experience with amenities (canoe, kayak, grill, bait, fishing poles, etc.). Your property, your rules.

Save Time & Keep Your Privacy

We protect your privacy. Anglers reserve your spot on our website, ensuring your address remains undisclosed until the reservation is confirmed from you. We cover the booking process and marketing so you can save time for more of the things you love.

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Find out how much you can make listing your spot

We provide private ponds/lakes for parents, grandparents, the frequent fisherman, and most importantly, to get kids outside and enjoy nature. Public lakes are over-fished, crowded and hard to access. By sharing your spot, you provide local access to your community to fish. Join our community of pond owner!

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Begin now and start earning today.

No upfront fee. No reservation minimums. Host on your terms, with the flexibility to stop at any time.

Get Started

Questions? We’ve Got Answers.

Will sharing my pond or lake really make me money?

Yes! Public lakes are over-fished, crowded and hard to access. By sharing your spot, you provide local access to your community to fish. It is convenient for parents and less stressful than taking children to a public lake. Additionally, anglers enjoy having a private, new experience by fishing from our marketplace.

How Do I Get Paid?

During registration, you will be asked to provide your banking details through our website. Our trusted third-party processor, Stripe, will hold your account information. FishMySpot does not store financial data. After a trip ends, you get paid right away. Our company may need to initiate a fund transfer if we are managing your listing for you. *DIrect deposit may take 1-2 business days.

Do I have control over who comes on my property?

Absolutely. You have full control over reservations through your portal. Approve or decline booking requests, communicate with guests before acceptance, and set limits on guest count and visit frequency. If you are busy individual and will not have the time to manage your account, we provide a white glove service to our pond owners and will act on your behalf, abiding by all of your requests.

Do I have to be on my property when a guest is here? How will I trust that they do not trash my property?

No. Provide information regarding parking, a description of the best spot to fish, bait to even use through your portal to give anglers the best fishing experience. Should an angler not abide by our terms and conditions, we will ban them from our online marketplace. To date, we have not had one angler trash or destroy a pond owners property. If we find this is the case, our insurance policy will cover the issue.